Assyrian Nineveh Association Inc. Auckland – New Zealand, Hosts Sabri Atman “Seyfo Centre’s Director”

1.JPGAssyrian Nineveh hosted the Assyrian Activist Sabri Atman the director of Seyfo Centre who was presented in the Assyrian monument unveiling on Australia – Sydney which was invited by the Assyrian Universal Alliance, at the Assyrian Nineveh hall on 29th August 2010 for the period from 7:00pm till 9:30pm, he explained the Assyrian Genocide that happened on 1915 in Turkey, when the Ottomans decided to get rid of the non Turkish nations on Turkey with the advice of Germany at that time.
On this lecture were attended Fr. Ross and the Anglican Vestry members, Fr. Toma Toma “the priest of St. Mary the Assyrian Apostle”, Deacon Benjamin Beniamin “the representative of Mar Addai church, the Chaldean Apostle”, Mr. Nazar Yousif “Chaldean Society President”, Mr. Sabah Khoshaba “Assyrian Aid Society President”, Mr. Shamoon Ibrahim “Assyrian Democratic Movement President”, and a large gathering of the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian community in Auckland city – New Zealand.
11.JPGThe audience enjoyed their receiving of the valuable information by listening to the lecture and their watching the documentary film about the Assyrian Genocide.
Our Association would like to thank Mr. Sabri Atman for his visit and acknowledge his noble mission that had been carried to the whole world for presenting historical backgrounds of this Genocide to all nations, as he said in his lecture, “I will not calm until the whole world acknowledge and confess this Genocide that took place on the Assyrian people and regain their lost rights in Turkey and the other countries where there was abandoned and seized by force”, also we would like to thank Ms Anabell St Vincent who came from Australia to attend the lecture and support Mr. Sabri Atman in his mission, and also we would like to thank the Assyrian Church Youth for their assistance in the configuration of this lecture and support our Association by their presenting and delivering this message to the whole world, and also a great thankful for all the members of the religious, national and social Associations and communities.
2.jpgAssyrian Nineveh Association wishes to the public who missed participation and listening to this lecture not to miss the opportunity of attending to other lectures, when they will be presenting.
In the case of desiring to acquire a copy of this lecture or the Assyrian Genocide documentary on a DVD, you can get it from the Association office at the address below:
Assyrian Nineveh Association Inc.
3 Russell Rd
Manurewa, Auckland