Assyrian Martyrs Day Commemoration in Chicago

martyrday1.jpg August 7th has been designated as the Memorial Day for Assyrian Martyrs. Throughout history, when an Assyrian man, woman, or child stood up against their oppressors and refused to give up their language, national existence, or religion, our nation as a whole was pulled back one step from the abyss of extinction.

In the 20th and 21st Centuries when counties have learned to conquer the moon and find cures for deadly diseases, the Assyrian nation still endures the most horrific atrocities committed by civilized man. Since 2003, the indigenous people of Iraq (the Assyrians) have been kidnapped, tortured and killed. Over 80 churches bombed, priests beheaded, while their flock escaping the land they once called home. Today, the Chicagoland area has become home to many survivors of this systematic ethno-religious cleansing currently underway in Iraq.

The Assyrian United Organizations of Illinois have come together to commemorate the Assyrian Martyrs day on Saturday, August 7th at 6 PM at Montrose Cemetery, 5400 N. Pulaski in Chicago, Illinois by Assyrian Martyrs Monument.

The Assyrian United Organizations of Illinois