Assyrian King or Nobleman. Assyrian Queen

Hair: The hair or wig is set in thick, ridged wavesand hangs in curls from a centre parting to the shoulders. The thick, curledbeard and moustaches may also be artificial.

Headdress:The diadem-shaped head-band is ornamented in various colours.

Garments:The ‘T’-shaped tunic of white woollen stuff is ornamented with embroidery, either of tapestry or of wool on linen in terra-cotta and dull green and isbordered with gold tasselled fringe. The narrow belt is probably of leather.

Footwear:The sandals have thick leather soles and narrow thongs, two coming from betweenthe two first toes, and two crossing the instep and joined to a fifth which ispart of the sole and forms a heel-band.

Jewelleryand Accessories: Thenobleman wears large, ornate drop earrings, gold armlets and gold bracelets onhis wrists. He carries a spear and wears a sword on a baldrick.
Assyrian Queen

Hair: This is bushy like that of the men and worn atshoulder length. It may be real or a wig. It is drawn back to expose the earsand has a fringe of short curls on the forehead.

Headdress:The castellated gold circlet, probably jewelled, denotes the queen’s royalrank.

Garments: The white linen tunic, like that of the menexcept for its three-quarter-length sleeves, has six bands of ornamentation inblue and red in two different designs, to border the hem and sleeves, also asingle band at the neck, forming a close-fitting high collar. The pinkish-redshawl is draped in the fashion described in Assyrian Dress, Chapter II,‘Garments Women’, but in the opposite direction.

Footwear: The flat leather slippers are of red leather. The fronts are differently ornamented from the backs and join them over theinstep.

Jewelleryand Accessories: The largecircular gold earrings and the rigid, gold bracelets are decorated in a rosettepattern.

Assyrian King or Nobleman. Assyrian Queen

Assyrian King or Nobleman. Assyrian Queen