Assyrian Democratic Movement and Assyrian Aid society Australia seek aid and protection for the Christians in iraq .

On 17 July, 2014 a delegation from Assyrian Democratic Movement and Assyrian Aid Society of Australia met with a senator the Hon Brett Mason,
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs at the federal parliament Canberra.

Also in attendance were
Mr. Max Cracknell, President Of The Australian Christian Nation association (ACNA) , Mr George Abraham, ACNA board director, and Ms Wisal Zaya, ACNA member. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Mr Max Cracknell and ACNA for supporting us and helping raise awareness of this important issue.

ADM delegation included Mr Immanuel Sada, former Aus and NZ branch director, Mr George Adam, ADM Relationship Director together with Ms Shoushan Tawer, Assyrian Aid Society of Australia (NGO project) national & international officer.

All those present discussed the latest developments in Mosul, Iraq and in particular the Nineveh Plains Project. The ADM and AASAus delegation stressed the urgent need for a humanitarian program to aid our people and also a need to establish a safe haven for our people in the Nineveh Plains,to be protected by the international community.