Assyrian Aid Society, Missionaries

After spending 9 glorious days in Nohadra (Duhok) Iraq, which included an annual global Assyrian Aid Society (AAS) conference held in Iraq in April 2012, President June Jako and Treasurer Shoushan Tower, two brave Assyrian women from Sydney representing Assyrian Aid Society-Australia (AAS-Au), took it upon themselves to spread the good work of AAS in both Germany and France.
Their planned trip from Erbil saw them arrive in Frankfurt Germany, then onto Wiesenbaden where approximately 5,000 Assyrians are living. Here, June and Shoushan met with both Assyrian Aid Society and Zowaa supporters for a meeting regarding issues relevant to Assyrians living in Iraq. After several hours into the night, the discussion led to a compromise and a final decision being made to establish an independent AAS in Germany.
Following the successful meeting in Germany, these ladies embarked on a trip to Paris, France and from there, onto Marseille some 900 km south of Paris where approximately 200 Assyrian families reside. In Marseille, they met with several members of the local community, Assyrian Aid Society and Zowaa supporters. Within a few hours of discussion and upon spreading the good work of AAS-Iraq, June and Shoushan and their Assyrian-French comrades came to an agreement to establish an AAS in France. It was suggested that AAS headquarters should be based in Paris, considering the large number of Assyrians currently residing in this majestic city.
The next chapter of this journey led June and Shoushan to Toulous, which is located 400km North West of Marseille where there are approximately 100 Assyrians living. In this city, they were kindly greeted at the train station and welcomed into the home of an Assyrian-French family for the duration of their stay. This was a great opportunity to have extensive discussions with local individuals in the hope of sharing the positive role of AAS and importance of its establishment in France for the greater good of our people in Iraq.
Heading back to Paris after some 700km by train North of Toulous, they met with local supporters of AAS and Zowaa. Their trip was coming to an end and there was now limited time on their hands to promote the AAS cause. These brave women, motivated by their passion for the Assyrian people, language and culture, took on more discussions and meetings in Paris where they outlined the needs of AAS in Iraq and globally. Globally, the pressures of AAS is limited to specific AAS organisations, in order to alleviate this pressure and advance the interests of assyrians in Iraq, June and Shoushan pushed their agenda to establish an official & independent AAS in Paris. The Parisians suggested hosting a seminar in Paris to announce the message of AAS to the Assyrian community; unfortunately the end of their time abroad drew near, they were due to depart for Sydney in a few short days. However, thanks to these great efforts and fruitful discussions, it is now in the pipeline for AAS-Iraq and AAS-Au to arrange a special visit to Paris in the not too distant future in the hope of establishing an independent AAS in France.
AAS-Au is beaming with pride at the selfless commitment of these women to help their Assyrian brothers and sisters in our homeland. They spent time away from their families, loved ones and jobs as well as paid for all of their travel, accomodation and living expenses out of their own pockets. This dedication to helping Assyrians in need is truly admirable and makes one wonder how much more positive the situation could be for Assyrians if we all worked as hard as these women for the good of our people. Well done ladies!