Assad Lost it, and Arab League Convoy Attacked

Ghalioun responding to Assad’s delusional speech
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• Eleven Arab League observers were wounded when pro-Assad demonstrators attacked their convoy.
• An Observers Mission member resigned because he felt he was serving the regime and unable to stop the killings.
• Bashar Assad came out with his fourth speech since the beginning of the revolution iterating the same claims as previous speeches and denying issuing orders to shoot demonstrators.

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• Lattakia: Pro-Assad protesters attack Arab League envoy damaging their vehicles and wounding observers
• Four month old girl dies under torture at a Syrian prison
• Bab Sebaa, Homs: The lifeless bodies of fallen heroes who were handed over to their families after being murdered under torture
• Hama: Lifeless body of fallen hero Obaida Aabdin who was hit by a sniper during a protest

Summary of Events

The Arab League denounced the attack that targeted the Observers Mission’s convoy today in Lattakia and declared that the regime has not adhered to the terms of the protocol that included the protection of its members. Eleven observers were slightly wounded when pro-Assad demonstrators attacked their convoy. The Mission was split up into two groups in Lattakia; a group was attacked in the vicinity of the Criminal Investigation Office close to al-Zera’a tunnel, and another one was attacked by al-Zera’a square where firemen had to come and protect them from pro-Assad mobs.

An Algerian Observers Mission member, Anwar Malek, announced his resignation from the Mission because he felt he was serving the regime by continuing to serve and that he was unable to stop the killings in Syria that are carried out by the regime itself in a “dirty manner”; as the regime is willing to kill its own people to prove itself right. Malek said that he entered the neighbourhoods of Baba Amr, Khaldiya, Sultaniya, and Bab Sebaa in Homs where he saw tortured skinned corpses and dead children, in addition to witnessing people sniped right in front of him. Malek believes that the director of the Observers Mission wants to please all parties therefore has not stated what was really happening. There was an assassination attempt on Malek’s life as he was returning to Damascus from Homs.

Bashar Assad came out with his fourth speech since the beginning of the revolution iterating everything that he has stated before and denying issuing orders to shoot at demonstrators claiming they only shoot to defend themselves. The speech repeated blatant lies that contradict over ten thousand videos uploaded by residents proving the shooting of unarmed civilians by Assad’s forces. Assad added that he will hold a referendum within his reform package to amend the constitution. The regime seems unable to realize that the only service it could do for the Syrian people is to leave the country as the regime is unable and unwilling to reform, and remains the biggest problem in the region.

Massive demonstrations swept the country in reaction to the speech. Security forces reacted aggressively and opened fire at demonstrators across the country including in Deir Azzour where the shooting occurred in the presence of Arab League monitors. Security forces killed at least 38 civilians today; most fell in Deir Azzour which also suffered over 250 injuries.