Ashurban Company warns and threatens a group of young people and the site of – Ankawa – Exclusive
Ashurban Company who is intending to perform the project of four towers in the city of Ankawa launched a formal warning against 5 people from the town. The company warned them to stop the campaign for collecting people signatures from Ankawa citizens in order to stop the implementation of the project in the city.
The company directed the warning to the representative of, Kuldo Ramsey, and the young people, Eugene Rund, Savio Farouk, Savio Georges and Daniel Rund. The warning launched by the company lawyer who demanded from them to stop the campaign within 24 hours, not publish anything in public places and on the internet. On contrast, the company will raise lawsuit against them and demanding the payment of financial compensations to the company as a result of the campaign.
The company ended its claim against the 5 people by the threatening words “excused who warned”.
The public campaign continues against the four towers project in the city of Ankawa. The people of Ankawa sent a memorandum to the president of Kurdistan Region signed by hundreds asking him to stand with them and help them to stop the implementation of the company project because it does not serve the people of the city. They emphases that the project is purely commercial aimed to raise money for the owners at the expense of the privacy of the area.
The project of the four towers that the company intending to perform in Ankawa raised a wide public refusal among the inhabitants of the city, including politicians, clerics and the civil society organizations working in the region.
The inhabitants of Ankawa expect that such project will aims for a demographic change of the city and not representing an attempt to provide housing for young people as claimed by the organizers of the project.
People who watch the progressing of this project are surprised by the insistence of the company to perform the implementation of the four towers in Ankawa in spite of the total and conclusive rejection by the inhabitants of the city, the church and public organizations. In addition, the rejection rose mainly by the youth of the area for whom the company pretending that this project will serve them and provide housing opportunity for them, because the prices of apartments are very high and fictional.