Ashur Sargon, one of the leaders of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, points to recent news that emerged from some news agencies and sites as inaccurate and incorrect in regards to the ADM’s stand during its meeting with the President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

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Mr. Sargon stated: “some sites which claim to be independent published inaccurate news attributed to the ADM’s meeting with President Mr. Masoud Barzani”. He also called on the new agencies and sites to be more accurate in communicating news and statements and to rely exclusively on the official website ‘’ as the authoritative resource on the ADM.

He also indicated that: “a delegation from the ADM met with Mr. Masoud Barzani, the President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, this past Tuesday, Aug 1st, and discussed the stand of the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people on the referendum, which must first guarantee our people’s rights at all levels, offer representation at the highest executive levels (President, Prime Minister and/or Speaker of the KRG Parliament) and in state institutions, true representation, and ensure the values of brotherhood between the Kurdish and Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people.”

Mr. Sargon added: “the ADM delegation forwarded our people’s demands with boldness and expressed our concerns on the movement of the region towards a national state as well as its limited vision for non-Kurdish elements. The delegation also stressed the need to lift all violations against our territories and villages in the region, establishing self-governance in the areas where our people reside, and that our people’s existence must be expressed through official symbols such as the flag, national anthem, slogan and even the name of the territory.”

He also pointed out: “the delegation emphasized removing the Nineveh Plain from present conflicts and precluding any referendum there, or for the internally displaced people from Nineveh, as it effects them negatively and especially due to their suffering over years of displacement and that any call to conduct a referendum in the Nineveh Plain, or make people participate, is a clear message to displace and drive-out the remaining population resulting from continued tension and instability.”

Mr. Barzani expressed his understanding of our people’s demands, indicating his readiness to discuss all the guarantees and demands raised by the ADM delegation in the document of national demands made by our people’s political parties.