Armenians And Assyrians To Act Together For Recognition Of “Genocide”

221111-hot-ermeni1.jpgOne more claim has been added to the genocide claims against Turkey.
APA reports quoting Nouvelles d’Armenie website that the representatives of the Assyrian communities of various countries held a meeting in Yerevan. International Assyrian Center for Culture and Studies was founded at the end of the meeting.

Armenian Prime Minister received the delegation after the event. They offered to act together with the Armenians for the recognition of the “genocide”. Head of the Assyrian Forum Elias Yalda said:
“Assyrians have no state. We are trying to restore our state in our historical lands. We hope the Armenian government will help us.”

Yalda offered closer involvement of the Assyrians in the events on the “Armenian genocide”.

The delegation also offered to build a monument for the “genocide”. They consider that along with Armenians, Assyrians also underwent genocide in 1914-1923.