Armenia’s Assyrian community demands recognition of Assyrian Genocide

PanARMENIAN.Net 1.5 million Armenians and 750 thousand Assyrians were exterminated in 1915 Genocide; still Assyrian Genocide is hardly even mentioned, Armenia’s Assyrian community leader Razmik Khosroyev stated.

As he told April 23 news conference, Assyrian Genocide continues to this day, with Iraq’s war claiming lives of Assyrian population in the country and destroying their cultural heritage.

Lack of statehood prevents Assyrians form implementing their plans, Razmik Khosroyev noted. Still, community leader presented Assyrian nation’s demand for recognition of Assyrian Genocide, also urging international structures to condemn Turkey. “We demand reimbursement of our property and territories in accordance with international legislation,” the statement emphasized.

“Assyrians commemorate the Genocide on April 24 and August 7 – Sumeil massacre day.

Close to 3,000 Assyrians died during the 1933 massacre, most of them in the village of Sumail located in the Iraqi province of Dohuk,” Armenia’s Assyrian community representative, the author of 4 documentaries on Assyrian Genocide Lina Yakubova stated.

As she noted, according to official data, largest Assyrian community of 1 million currently resides in Iraq; second and third largest communities are found in US and Russia respectively.

In conclusion, Razmik Khorsroyev stated that Assyrian community has no political issues in any country but Iraq; while in Armenia, Assyrians are given more freedom and possibilities than in many other countries