Anti-Christian violence continues in Iraq

1_0_4380641.JPGA series of bomb and mortar attacks targeting Christians were carried out in the capital city, Baghdad.
At least 5 people were killed and dozens of others injured in the incidents, which come little more than a week after Islamic militants entered the Catholic cathedral church of our Our Lady of Salvation, and slaughtered scores of the faithful who were there.

The Apostolic Procurator for the Chaldean Church in Rome, Msgr. Philip Najim says such violence is designed to terrorize the whole population and drive the Christians out of the country. “[The terrorists] are, practically, taking hope from the mind of the Iraqi population,” he said, “yes, this is against the Christian people.” Naijim went on to say, “There is a persecution, [Christians] are attacked because they are a minority in the country.”

He added, however, that Christians are not the only victims of violence. “At the same time, [The terrorists] are also attacking the Muslim people – so, the whole Iraqi community, the whole Iraqi population, is targeted.”

Najim also said that the issue of violence in Iraq is a threat to regional stability, and called on the international community to help Iraq achieve peace and security.