launches campaign: Save our Christian people from a humanitarian catastrophe (disaster) – Stockholm – Exclusive
In these difficult days, tens of thousands of our Christian people fled the terror and the invasion of the criminal Islamic State (ISIS). They left their towns, villages and all their possessions behind them. They are sleeping on the ground in a catastrophe humanitarian conditions waiting for help and solidarity in all forms.
In spite of the fact that our Christian people in Ankawa, Dohuk, Shaqlawa, Diana, Howdian and other towns have opened their doors, their homes and their hearts giving what they can afford to cope with the disaster and the large plight , but the need is more than that and requires more help and assistance, particularly financial assistance.
The management of in collaboration with Help Ankawa Association and the response from those who care a lot in different countries, we took the initiative to organize a campaign to collect donations and assistance from all our Christian people, all good Iraqi people and those peace activists from all over the world who stand with this plight for our people at home.
For this purpose a committee was formed to organize the collection and delivery of assistance and donations to the families in need. The Association of Help Ankawa was the forerunner in providing the assistance by donating $2000.
The committee consist of:
Sami Al-Maleh – 0046735762775
Natheer Isaac – 0046709373430
Hazem Cato – 0046735664918
Shirzad Sher – 0046739881011
Augustine Joseph – 0046739153721

Send your donation to the account number:
Help Ankawa account, from outside Iraq:
Help Ankawa
SE02 9500 0099 6026 0128 7291
SWIFT address or BIC:
Bank name and address:
105 71 Stockholm
And from inside Sweden
12 87 29-1
Foreningen Help Ankawa
Also, the members of the committee can be contacted when you cannot provide the donation through the account number.
The committee will submit to our people the detailed reports about its activities and will be open and subject to scrutiny.

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