follow-up the issues of attacks and insults suffered by those arrested for possession of alcoholic beverages-Interviews with detainees and their families – Al-Basrah – Exclusive
Following the article published by the site of about the raids, arrests and attacks that carried out by the security forces of Basrah to a number of Christian houses and their owners in the city accusing them of dealing with spiritual drinks, correspondent met with the relatives of the detainee (F). He explained what happened and how the security forces and police raided the house of his brother in law claiming that they are looking for weapons. He added, during the inspection they found 3 boxes of alcoholic beverage, which is not for sale.
He added members of the security forces beat his brother in law brutally by using sticks of broken brooms, and others kicking him until he stepped up into their car. The raid took place without a warrant entitling them to inspect the house and arrest its owner.
He added that his brother in law admitted to the hospital for treatment and his wife also sent to the hospital due to nerves break down from what happened to her husband. correspondent also met with the Provincial Council Member and the chairman of the Minorities, Dr Saad Matty Botrus, for more information about this issue.
Dr. Botrus confirmed after his inspections with the police and other authorities that the action taken by the police was formal and legal. He said the person was arrested due to possession of some quantities of liquor which contradicts the decision of the provincial council in Basrah city about selling and trading of liquor.
Dr. Botrus said, I will continue to follow this case with the Judiciary and if there was no complain from the directorate of customs, the person will be release after paying the legal fine.
He added I take this opportunity to say that this province has its own regulations since there is a decision of the provincial council preventing the trading of alcohol. He also said there are reservations about this topic on the sale of these materials despite the fact they are allowed and permitted according to the Iraqi constitution. He also advised not to sell these materials in the province of Basrah and emphasizes to the owners to stop this profession for their own safety. He brought the example of Kurdistan Region and what happened there to the shops selling beverages despite the legal allowance of that in the region.
15 minutes after the end of the meeting with Dr. Botrus, F was released and our correspondent met him in his house and listened to his story. F talked how the security forces tried to force him to confess about trading of alcohol after they found the three boxes of liquor in his house, which they were as he said for his own personal use and not for trading.
F added when they took him to the 10th regiment, nobody beat him there but he exposed to a very bad insults and bad swearing. He said when they returned me back to the center of the National Security, they beat me again and wanted me to recognize on innocent people I don’t know them and just to mention names and location I don’t know anything about it.
He said they wanted from me to mention 4 names in order to release me with my car. He added, during the investigation no body called the officer by his name or his military rank, but instead they used religious names like “Hajji and Moulaty”.
F also said, after that they handed me to the 10th regiment and to Alsaudi police station and afterwards to the judge who released me on bail of 10 million Iraqi dinars.
F asked, who can speak, if he spoke they immediately hit him. He added they beat me by sticks in the house of a person called (H) and have witnesses for that. He added after they transferred me to Alsaudi police station they sent me to the hospital because I was in a very bad situation.