Angi…the little pretty angel

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In this time, at this crazy world
There, at my country…Iraq
Our people are forced to escape
In one way or another
Looking for a safe place to live
Like other people of the world
This was the dream of all,
And of the little pretty angel Angi
So she moved with her family
Ride the sea, hoping to be there
At the other shores of it,
As a first stage to get there
And to get their dream be real
But unlucky at the last time
Before reaching the other shores
They was swallowed by the crazy sea
And they go deeply inside the dark sea
The dream, hope of the angel Angi was killed
The sea was not your killer
It was a way to kill you…
Dear little pretty angel Angi
Your killers are many…
Starting from the:
Terrorists who robbed your town
And forced you to leave it
Passing to the government of Iraq
Who forgot the tragedy of your displacement?
Passing to the free world
Who is proclaiming day and night
Human right, freedom and democracy
While in realty he is engaged in other things
It has become blind, deaf and dumb
Doesn’t see nor speak and hear
What happen in front of him?
To the innocent people there
Angi dream, hope was killed
Mercy to you, O you innocent angel Angi
And mercy to your family
You are in heaven with the Lord Jesus
Your innocent blood will
Complaining about injustice
And arbitrariness of your killers
Remember us there, in heaven
O innocent littel pretty angel Angi

Majid Gaggi