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In the book of Revelation is prophecied that 144,000 jewish evangelists will have become born again christians dedicated to evangelize in all the world, not surprising, for Jesus incarnated as a Jew, his mother descended from Eber, namesake of the Hebrews, and almost all the apostles who followed him were Jews, so the time will have come that millions of Jews with many more Gentiles will become born again Christians.

So what of that number 144,000, why that number? To the nautical mile mapping afficianado, knowing that 7,200 nautical miles comose earth’s diameter lenght, the number 144,000 means that 20 jewish evangelists for the Messiah Jesus Christ will be dedicated to each nautical mile of the earth’s diameter (across the whole world so to speak), the nautical mile composed of 6,000 greek olympic feet (each of 12.16 modern inches), so that will be a jewish evangelist for every 300 feet (one half an olympic stadium) of the earth’s circumference.

But why is the number of Jewish evangelists prophecied worldwide during the Tribulation period in the book of Revelation related apparently to the modern nautical mile mapping system, the numbers for it commonly thought to have been brainstormed by accurate timekeeping only within the last few centuries? The reason is that the ancients also measured the earth accurately, by timekeeping too, but by the slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis against the backdrop of the constellations in the night sky, explained here and, the science of the future