An invitation to protest against the persecution of the Christians in Middle East

A protest will be held in Munich, Germany to denounce the forced displacement and heinous crimes that are carried out by the terrorist group, ISIS, against our Christian people in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.
We urge all Christians and all the people who are against those brutalities to participate in this protest. Our ultimate goal is to reveal to the German society and humanitarian organizations the suffering of Christians of Middle East from persecution, displacement, systematic killings and genocide.

Your participation in this protest increases and strengthens our support to the Christians in those countries. We appreciate that you contact the organizing committee in case you would like to play a role in this crucial event by making a speech, showing pictures or writing signs that show the suffering of Christians in Middle East.


Date: Sa.25.10.2014

Time: 14:00 – 17:00 Uhr

Location: Stachus ( Karlsplatz )

We encourage you to participate and invite others! P.S: Flags are not allowed throughout  the protest for organizational purposes.

For inquiries, please contact the members of the organising committee.



01769 444 38 11 Baha Zoro 01764 98 44 55 1 Maan Farjo
    0176 61 52 28 74 Imad Fatohi
    0157 36 85 65 73 Pierre Abdulky