An elderly woman from Mosul: In this way ISIS (Daash) forced me to convert to Islam – Younes Thanon
An elderly Christian woman of our people said that she had forced to convert to Islam in order to keep the militants of the Islamic State staying away from her and stop bothering her.
The woman (T B) who is 75 years old told the site of that she live alone in her house at Aljameaa neighbourhood. After hearing of what was happening in Mosul and her relative asked her to leave the city, she couldn’t leave because of her chronic illness and need to visit her own doctor. She added, I was surprised to hear sever knocking on my house door, and then a group of militants from ISIS took me to Heaba Khatoon mosque located near where I live. In the mosque, a veiled woman accompanied by a man with thick hair, long beard and strange incomprehensible accent forced her to say the two Islamic testimonies (Shahada). Then the veiled woman told her it has now become one of the Muslims and she must practice the duties of Islam, like fasting and perform prayers on time. The elderly woman said this conversion to Islam is an abomination and this is contrary to the canons of religion that says: no coercion in religion.

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