An appeal to the Christians of the world on behalf of the Christians of Iraq

A cry for HELP,
The crisis in Mosul (Nineveh ) is becoming increasingly desperate
During the past few days, many Christians have been killed in Mosul, just because they are Christians.
Several thousands have fled their houses and took refuge in Churches in the city and nearby mountains.
ICIN has taken the decision to make a substantial donation, from its reserve plus what is received from the “Crisis in Mosul Fund”,
directly to those in Mosul who are taking care of the displaced.

We urge you to help through ICIN, or any of the organisations concerned with providing aid to those displaced.

For those who have not yet heard about these new crises, please visit our website:

for those who wish to donate through ICIN please visit
insert the words “Crisis in Mosul Fund” in the appropriate box.

No amount is too small for those displaced and who are facing a grim and cold winter in the mountains of North Iraq.