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An Umbrella of American Middle East Christian Community Organizations in the United States of America
The American Middle East Christians Congress Hosts His Eminence Sayyed Jawad Al-Khoei.
November 1, 2015
The American Middle East Christians Congress (AMECC) hosted an historic and first-of-its-kind event with His Eminence Sayyed Jawad Al-Khoei and his accompanying delegation from the Holy City of Najaf, Iraq, London, England, and Detroit, Michigan, USA, to the City of Detroit, Michigan from October 25-27, 2015, with bilateral and multilateral meetings with members of the American Iraqi, American Middle East, and other communities.

Culminating in one of the largest and unique interfaith and inter-community luncheon with over 100 attendees that included members of the Christian, Muslim, Mandain, Baha’i, Hindu, Jains, and Buddhist communities, as well as members and leaders of the African-American, Eastern European, and Latino churches. Representatives from the diplomatic corps, United States House of Representatives, local governments, and members of medical, legal, social, civic, and civil rights organizations also attended. At this meeting, Dr. Ramsay F. Dass, MD, President of AMECC, presented His Eminence Sayyed Jawad Al-Khoei with a special and historic plaque recognizing his trip and his interfaith philanthropy and educational contributions.

Dr. Ramsay F. Dass, MD, President of AMECC, introduced His Eminence Sayyed Jawad Al-Khoei to the gathering and cited his activities in the fields of faith, interfaith, community, civic and civil rights in Iraq and throughout the world. After that, His Eminence spoke in detail about The Khoei Organization and The Marjaeya Organization in Najaf, their origin and contribution to the Muslim world and interfaith organizations, and their relationship to other Muslim, political and religious organizations present in Iraq and the Middle East. He also explained in detail that the political Islamic parties have no association or relationship with the Khoei or Marjaeya Organization. Finally, he spoke about his role as a founder and member of the Iraqi Interfaith Communication and Interfaith Dialogue (ICID).

His Eminence was very frank, truthful, thoughtful, and courageous in his answers regarding the political, social, and religious situation in Iraq and the Middle East, especially regarding the current plight of the Iraqi Christians, their forced emigration and immigration, and their evictions from Nineveh, Mosul, and elsewhere. He was not only sympathetic to the plight of the Christians and other minorities, but he also encouraged them to use all their political, civil, civic, and other means to protect their rights, homes, families, and social rights in Iraq and elsewhere. He pledged that his organization will work very hard to assist and achieve this goal through collaboration between his organization, AMECC, and others.
His Eminence encouraged all political, religious, social, civic, and civil rights organizations to come together and work together for harmonious and inclusive policies for all Iraqis, and he was very opinionated and forceful in his position that Iraqi Christians should not leave Iraq and that it would be a catastrophe for Iraq and its people if Iraq were emptied of Christians and other minorities.

His program in Detroit included a private dinner in his honor on Sunday, October 25, 2015. Additionally, on October 27, 2015, the program began with a special meeting between His Eminence, his delegation, and the accompanying Muslim clerics, including Sayyed M. B. Kashmiri, Religious Scholar, Vice Chairman of IMAM MAHDI ASSOCIATION OF MARJAEYA (I.M.A.M.), and the Middle East Christian community’s priests, pastors, and community leadership. This was followed by a meeting with the community-at-large. At the conclusion of this meeting, there was conclusionary meeting to discuss the events of the day and a working agenda for the future. In the evening, a special dinner was hosted by Imam Sayyed M.B. Kashmiri and members of the Muslim community in honor of Sayyed Jawad Al-Khoei, and Dr. Ramsay F. Dass, MD, President of AMECC, and members of the Christian community were invited to further solidify the collaboration between the American Middle East Muslim and Christian communities.

At the end of the meeting, His Eminence and his accompanying delegation was requested that such meetings be annual or biannual and on a regular basis in order to advance an interfaith agenda between interfaith community organizations and the Middle East.

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