American Mesopotamian Organization Statement

For Immediate Release
Los Angeles-California, December 11, 2011
American Mesopotamian Organization (AMO) is pleased to report that the level of mobilization on our petition to Congress requesting protection for the Assyrians of Iraq is being heard. The most recent wave of violence in the so called “Kurdistan Region” of Iraq has shattered false representations that it is a tolerant society, welcoming to Christian Assyrians and other minorities. AMO’s demands in the petition address the long-term issues for securing a future for Assyrians and also for seeking justice in the KRG. However, AMO would like to inform all who support our campaign that we have not deviated from our most pressing objective in Congress, which is the passage of appropriations legislation that supports the Nineveh Plain Province Solution, a policy that AMO has been advocating throughout most of 2011. The Senate Appropriations language calls for support for Article 125 in the Nineveh Plain which is the constitutional means for establishing a province in the Nineveh Plain. This remains the most immediate, actionable step our supporters can pursue and AMO will communicate this message with Congress. We thank you for your support and call on you to do as much as possible to further mobilize support for the persecuted Assyrians of Iraq.