AMECC Hosts Special Fundraising and Community Event for Iraqi Christians and Other Minorities

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On October 9, 2014 in Oak Park, Michigan, a special fundraising event was held to support American Middle East Christians Congress (AMECC) programs for the Iraqi Christians and others who have recently been displaced and face a bleak present and near future.

Over 100 leaders from the American Middle East communities and other segments of American political, social, cultural, religious, and civic and civil rights society and organizations were invited to create a pan-American front to continue working politically, medically, humanitarianly, and socially to put at the forefront the plight of the Iraqi Christians and other minorities that the world seems to have forgotten and which other national and local events have overshadowed. Dr. Ramsay F. Dass, AMECC President, detailed the ongoing genocide and the political, humanitarian, and social crisis and a plan of action.

Attendees pledged to work together with their communities and AMECC to continue addressing this issue on the national and international levels until this catastrophe is addressed.

The event was covered by national and international, including Middle East, media.

The displaced Iraqi Christians and other minorities will now face the coming months of severe Winter, increase in diseases, and a worsening social environment, such as schooling and basic health care.

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