Alqosh people demonstrated and stopped the sacking decision of the Manager Director of the town, Faiz Abed Mekha, by Kurdish authorities
Hundreds of Alqosh people demonstrated today, Sunday 15/06/2014, in front of the town directorate. The protestors demanded not to dismiss and change the Manager Director of the town, Mr. Faiz Abed Mekha, by force by the Kurdish authorities which imposed its authority on the region after the fall of Mosul by the militants groups.
The demonstration was held near the town and was peacefully organized by young group of people who truly care about their town Alqosh. Certain bodies tried to disperse the meeting of these people in order to stop the demonstration.
This demonstration was held in support to the Manager Director of the town against the policy of imposing wills outside the will of the people of the town and outside formal and legal contexts for the sacking. The protestors insisted to stay and the assembly remains for hours until the decision of sacking by force was changed. Later on the news came to announce that the president of the Council of Nineveh Province, Bashar Kiki, has changed his decision and the Manager Director of Alqosh, Faiz Abed Mekha remain in his position.

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