After his instigating for the recent violent acts, Mullah Ismail Osman said:“In my speech, I talked about the Massage Center but the Islamists exploited the situation”.

/Ankawa com
The Kurdish newspaper “Hawlati” published a brief interview with Mullah Ismail Osman who has been accused of instigating the worshipers in the last Friday ceremony in Al rasheed mosque in Zahkoo. He said: “I only talked about the Massage Center near the mosque, but I did not mention anything related to alcohol or something like that”.
He added: “I am a friend of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and what happened was planned by the Islamic movement because many of the worshipers returned after burning the Massage Center, but the Islamists exploited the situation and kept on”. He continued: “The owner of the Massage Center is a member of the Alsandy clan, and I am also belonging to the same clan. We did not put this matter into consideration, and no one asked me to arouse this subject. The reason behind this act was only Islam.
Recently, many areas like Zakhoo, Semeel, Sheyoz village, Almansooria community, and Zaweeta have witnessed many violent acts. At least, 30 people have been wounded because of these acts while the damage in these areas has cost millions of dollars.

Translated by: Enhaa Sefo /