ADM Declaration about Iraqi security situation

The Central Committee of the Assyrian Democratic Movement held a meeting to discuss the political and security situation that prevails in Iraq and released the following declaration:
These days, Iraq is going through difficult circumstances and dangerous political and security repercussions. The perplexed political reality has contributed for a while in a large degree to the provision of climates and atmospheres for the enemies to push Iraq to where it has arrived at today. Whereas the forces adversarial to the new Iraq have exploited the differences between the leaderships of the political process, aided by regional forces and dependent upon the remnants of the bygone regime which are allied to ISIS and its affiliates of terrorist groups that have their expanses and infiltrations among the local security forces that have become instruments and trumpets to broadcast adversary propaganda and plant fear among the security forces and the citizens in order to lead to what has happened in the city of Mosul on the tenth of June from complete deterioration of internal security forces and the army, creating an atmosphere of misgiving and doubt into what had taken place, and finally reflected negatively upon the morals of the security systems in many adjacent areas. This warns of huge consequences upon all as a result of security absence and the chaos that hits everyone without exception, notwithstanding the confrontation and defiance shown by the Iraqi armed forces these days.
While we condemn the terrorist crimes that are being committed against the peaceful population and which targets the security and stability of Iraq, we also denounce strongly the foreign interference into the internal affairs of Iraq to create chaos and insecurity and destroy Iraq. We call upon all political parties to bear their responsibilities and leave their differences aside amidst this critical and dangerous phase that the country is going through, whereas no one is excluded from being targeted in returning Iraq to the first square. We are calling for the speedy formation of a government representing the Iraqi spectrum according to a real partnership and constitutional entitlements, and to unite in confronting terrorism, and to stop the flow of innocent blood and to bury the sedition that they are planning, and to save the country and the countrymen and women from their evildoing and to enforce the authority of law and achieve security and stability, and proceed with speedy investigations of the causes for the collapse and deal with the negligent.
Following the extending of the conflict to the Nineveh Plain and particularly the town of Baghdeda which was subjected to large operations of emigration and displacement and for more than 50,000 people and the emptying of complete areas of their inhabitants; we call upon the national political forces and the international community to assume their responsibilities and make the Nineveh Plain a safe haven considering we are one of the original people of Iraq, and to implement the Universal Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples issued by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2007, and which protects our people’s rights in ownership and disposal of their land, and preservation of their historic heritage and inheritance in Iraq, and to exercise their natural right in partnership of the administration of this safe haven politically and administratively side by side with the rest of the partners of the region. We further call upon the central government and the regional government and the international community to remedy the situation to avoid terrorising the people of the area as a result of pushing the combat inside the safe boroughs and leading as a consequence to the disaster of displacement and collective exodus into the unknown, like what happened to our people from Baghdeda and the threats to the people of Bartella and Karamlish. We also call for the speeding up of the relief for those displaced from Mosul and the evicted from Nineveh Plain, and the restoration of the infrastructure and provision of fundamental needs as soon as possible; in particular, the disastrous situation that exists because of the lack of electricity, water and fuel for more than a fortnight in order to put an end to the suffering of our people.
We call upon our people with all their religious, national and humanitarian establishments in the country and in Diaspora for the concerted efforts of all the possibilities for the sake of achieving the desired goal. At the same time, we appeal to our people and the rest of the constituents of the Nineveh Plain for solidarity and stability on the land, and to close ranks and not to capitulate to tendentious rumours that impair the determination and plant frustration of the souls; affirming that what occurred of collapses and repercussions are a relapse that will not last and that the homeland will recover soon by the resolution of the fervent ones, undoubtedly.
Finally, we appreciate the role of public institutions in the region and the civil society organisations and the role of our people in the Nineveh Plain, Duhok and Erbil, and our national and religious establishments for receiving, absorbing and supporting the displaced families to relieve their suffering until suitable conditions prevail for their return and resettlement again.

Assyrian Democratic Movement