A wave of thefts started in Mosul and hit first the churches in the city

Ankawa.com – Mosul – Younes Thanon

With the control of the armed groups of Daash on the entire city of Mosul, the first intrusion attempts on churches began on Wednesday as these churches remains without protection after the escape of their guards. The Holy Spirit Church that located in Alnoor neighbourhood was broken into by armed groups who they steeled the air condition cooling units and tampering of its contents. People from the area reported to our correspondence in Mosul that the church had been robbed by armed groups. Other witnesses said a Pick-up truck parked near the College of Islamic Sciences at the University of Mosul and carried stuff belongs to the University.

On the other hand, the armed groups affiliated to Daash have secured many of the government departments and buildings located on the left bank of the city and many of the militants guarding the entrance of the University of Mosul.

Many of the vehicles belong to the government armed and security forces were seen painted in black and written on them the phrase “Islamic State”, in addition to the special banners refers to the army of Unitarian. These vehicles were found parking near civil service departments and buildings at the left bank of the city.

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