Acknowledged by Iraqi militants, including a Syrian belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq

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msehkk.jpgBy Basim Matti
  أسامة مهدي

Acknowledged by Iraqi militants, including a Syrian belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq, a wing of al Qaeda in Mesopotamia killed Christians in the northern city of Mosul for refusing to pay tribute, which made hundreds of them to escape from them and approved the implementation of the killings, abductions and bombings and the transfer of weapons and explosive belts from Syria.. While attacking the accountability and justice parliamentary de-Baathification Vice President Joe Biden to confirm a lack of confidence and, considering it to its interference in Iraq’s affairs.

London: offered to the Iraqi Defence Ministry during a press conference in Baghdad on Monday, nine members belonging to the Islamic State in Iraq to al Qaeda, had confessed their allegiance to the organization and carrying out assassinations, kidnappings and bombings in Nineveh province (375 km) north of Baghdad, where said ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Askari said those representing a one of a number of detainees who were arrested in the province recently. He called on families of the victims who received the names of their children in the confessions to resort to the judiciary to institute proceedings against the defendants.

msehkkk.jpgHe said the first accused, Omar Rifai symbolic city of Mosul, was born in 1975 he was working as an accountant in the city and the Stock Exchange formations belong to the Islamic State of Iraq in 2007 where the murder and kidnapping of 9 citizens and the bombing of 3 booby traps, planted explosives against vehicles, Iraqi and U.S. forces. He said the gunmen were targeting Christians in Mosul, killing and kidnapping for refusing to pay tribute. He said his father, who lives in London, recruited by the Islamic State of Iraq formed by a Pakistani imam named Abu Mujahid, who was appointed mufti to guide the insurgents to kill the Christians who refuse to pay him tribute.

The second member Ali Mahmoud Kassem, a pharmacist, was born in 1975 he belonged to the State formations in 2005 and was appointed a judge and is the sniper operations against the military and the Iraqi police and killing doctors. He added that through his work in a hospital in Mosul, was working on disarmament and the prevention of drugs, nutrients, and treatments for wounded Iraqi forces have fallen asleep which leads to death. He explained that helped in the killing of a number of doctors, extortion, kidnapping and said he had issued advisory opinions to the rest of the insurgents to kill military personnel and police. He added that he had kidnapped the sons of doctors, and then release them in exchange for thousands of dollars also carried out the bombing of three bombs that targeted buildings and sites for security forces, killing and injuring dozens of them.

A third suspect, Ahmed T. Al Imam of the sons of Mosul, was born in 1971, a bodybuilder, he pointed to the involvement of committing 8 murders and kidnappings and bombings operations device. He added that he was committing crimes with death by beheading victims and their heads separated from their bodies, especially of Christians who are reluctant to pay tribute to the Islamic State of Iraq. He pointed out that the bomb blew up amid a group of police and army as the last three years, planted several explosive devices into the events leading to the deaths of civilians and military personnel.. In addition to the implementation of the 11 kidnapping.

He accused Adel Mohammed Shakara-Hamadani, a star was born in 1975 he carried out 11 operations, the kidnapping and killing and blowing up booby traps in public buildings and another inhabited by police, army and elements of Kurdish Peshmerga forces. He explained that he was chosen in 2007 and is automatically left for the coast of the city of Mosul.

The suspect said a fifth Seyhan Mahmoud Ahmed was born in 1975 he belonged to the Islamic State of Iraq in 2006 and implemented since then, killings and planting explosive devices against the army and police forces and hit the mortar, against the Iraqi army and U.S.. He added that he participated in the assassination of 5 merchants had failed to pay money to help the State formations. He explained that he contributed a number of booby-trapped cars and detonated by mobile devices.

For his part, said Mohammed Ahmed Hamoudi, a resident of the city of Tal Afar in Nineveh province, was born in 1993 that he was the transfer of weapons between armed formations and to assist in car bombs. He said he helped kill a number of residents and 3 policemen and planting improvised explosive devices blew up several houses. , “Said Ahmed Hashem Abdel Rahman was born in 1976 that he had booby-trapped cars and killing policemen and planting improvised explosive devices 8. He said he belonged to the Islamic State of Iraq in 2006 and was planting explosives near the headquarters of the army and police in Khazraj and Farouk palace and a new and Aekeidat addition to exploding booby traps against shops in Mosul, which led to their destruction.

For his part, said the defendant Bassam Mohammed Aziz, that he belonged to al-Qaeda in 2004 and has since that time, killing 14 civilians and the kidnapping of 4 others in addition to detonate car bomb. He said he carried out the assassination rifle voice against staff and military and merchants.

The ninth suspect Azmi Derby Muhammad Al-Khalidi, a Syrian city of Homs, nationality, said he was recruited by a Syrian officer in the Syrian town of Deir Al-Zeer was the young age to wear women’s clothes and transportation of explosives and explosive belts by animals (donkeys) to Iraq, taking advantage of search women carefully . He said he was monitoring targets to be detonated and the transfer of information about the insurgents also used to deny women’s uniforms enter homes of senior officers and elders to gather information.

The kidnappings, assassinations and explosions that are exposed from time and the other churches of the Christians in Iraq has forced tens of thousands to flee abroad or to resort to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, especially the city of Mosul, home to the largest number of Christians in Iraq who are dwindling in number because of the target of about two million to less than one million people.

Parliamentary Committee mop attacking Biden for his assertion to its lack of confidence

Attacked the Commission on accountability and justice for de-Baathification of the Iraqi Council of Representatives U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to confirm a lack of confidence declined to its prevention of the hundreds of candidates from contesting the forthcoming legislative elections in March (March) next year.

The head of the Sadrist lawmaker Falah Cnichl that Biden does not have the right to reject decisions of the Iraqi constitutional law. He said Biden’s remarks constitute a blatant interference in the internal affairs of Iraq. The Committee comprises three members resigned yesterday the representative of the Accordance Front, Rashid al-Azzawi protest at the way their work in checking the lists of candidates who are prevented from participating in elections.

Chanchal said in a statement today that Biden does not have the right to cancel an article in the Iraqi constitution, which millions of Iraqis voted for him in reference to Article 7, which prohibits the activity of the Baath party in the country. Article VII of the Iraqi Constitution, which is based on accountability in the body to work on the “Prohibition of each entity or program that adopts racism, terrorism or ethnic cleansing or atonement or incites, facilitates, glorifies, promotes, or justify him, especially the Baath Party under any name he may not be be within the political pluralism in Iraq. ”

Biden was confirmed last night he does not trust body called accountability and justice to be processed after the voting process. This came during a telephone conversation by Biden and House Speaker Iyad al-Samarrai were “discussed the overall political situation in the country and the atmosphere that precedes the upcoming legislative elections and the U.S. vice-president does not believe the body that has deracination suggesting that the process of eradication after the elections, not before the Candidates may make pledges acquitted of the Baath Party and condemn all crimes past, “as quoted by a press statement to inform the Office of the Iraqi parliament to” Culture. ”

He noted that al-Samarrai said part of his keenness to activate the relevant parliamentary scrutiny, and activating the discriminatory problem of the seven judges to consider appeals filed .. Adding that there was a concerted effort in the legal framework and the importance of a legal basis in dealing with this sensitive file, confirming that the accountability and justice and the Electoral Commission are independent bodies that can not be interference in their work except in accordance with legal regulations.

The Samurai had met previously with Christopher Hill, U.S. ambassador to the United States in Iraq, where they discussed the crisis in the framework of decisions of the accountability and justice, where the ambassador expressed his concern about the impact on the political climate in the country and to schedule a U.S. withdrawal from Iraqi territory at the end of next year. . They also discussed the possibility of ratifying the new names in the House of Representatives for Membership of the accountability and justice after the failure of the last names of the candidate prime minister earned the confidence of the Council.

Today, the Government confirmed its commitment to the Iraqi officers and defense and interior ministries, denying the existence of any plans for demobilization or separation of central information on the readiness of the accountability and justice for the de-Baathification numbers of them to cover its proceedings. His government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said that the government “appreciates and values the role of security forces, which is a supplier of pride and appreciated by everyone and their efforts to establish security and great sacrifices made by those forces in maintaining the unity and stability of Iraq and the lives of Iraqis.”

He said in a statement that received “Elaf” copy that “There is no intention to lay off or terminate the services of any of the officers or employees of the Ministries of Defense and Interior.” The Iraqi government confirmed this in the midst leaks on the request of the accountability of the de-Baathification of the Ministries of Interior and Defense to provide the names of 65 thousand of its officers and affiliates covered by the eradication measures aimed at ending their services.
Preparing the day to deliver the accountability of the Electoral Commission lists the names of 560 candidates for the forthcoming legislative elections to be held on the seventh of March (March) next buyout decisions of that mop-up and prevent them from contesting the election as Commission will announce on Tuesday.

On the same subject MP Abdul Karim al-Samarrai from bloc “We hope that international calls are taken not to confuse the Iraqi situation in a professional, fair and normal.” The numerous international bodies have called for the abolition of the decisions of the ablation for excluding some of the forces and political figures to participate in the upcoming elections.

Samarrai said in a statement carried by the Iraqi Independent Press Agency, “The decisions of the accountability they have no legal cover because the De-Baathification Commission was abolished and did not constitute the accountability and justice so far, pointing out that this body does not have the right to issue decisions and instructions, but this competence of the Office Electoral. “And” The issuance of this decision this time has generated a big shock in the Iraqi street, stressing the need to find solutions and push the subject until after the next election. ”

He pointed out that “coverage of political blocs, the participation of the democratic process in the country since 2003 has generated great confusion at the level of the Iraqi street, noting that this may explain some of the endeavor of removing blocks of the political partners of the democratic process.” And denounced the accountability and justice on the invitation of the United Nations envoy ads Mlcard the Electoral Commission not to write the names of candidates from the electoral lists threatened that it reserves its legal right to respond to any intervention in Iraqi affairs.