Demonstration in Brussels: Christians of Iraq

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Gathering of all the organizations and Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac associations of Belgium
Organised a manifestation: demonstration of Iraq

An announced genocide and forced exodus, Is it necessary to wait to react?

On Sunday July 1, 2007
13h30 – 16h30

Gathering: 12h30 – Square of the cathedral of the Saints Michel and Gudule in Brussels.

For more information’s please contact:
Institut Assyrien d’Europe : 0486.98.24.22
Les Paroisses Chaldéennes Catholiques de Belgique : 0477.58.41.97
Centre Culturel de la Tour de Babel – BXL : 0474.86.28.16
Union des Jeunes Syriaque de BXL
Fédération Syriaque Araméenne de Belgique
La communauté Assyro-Chaldéenne de Mechelen et Antwerpen