100 Years of Genocide Denial, The Assyrian Nation reflects

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Commemorations of 100 years since the Assyrian, Armenian and Greek Genocide took place in
Sydney’s South West
Sydney – 10th August 2015
On Friday August 7th 2015, hundreds of people came together in a landmark event commemorating the Martyrs of the Assyrian, Armenian and Greek Genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks in 1915.
The event was held at the Nineveh Lounge, a sentimental location for the Assyrian Diaspora as its architecture resembles the gates of Nineveh. Two Lamassu (Winged Bulls) stand tall at the front doors. Two of the most prominent relics from the Assyrian Empire that are today being demolished ‘in situ’ at the hands of ISIS or ISIL. An atrocity that highlights the perpetual Assyrian Genocide that spans over a century and continues until present day.
The commemorative ceremony saw a number of distinguished speakers from the Assyrian and nonAssyrian community including a key note presentation from Dr Anahit Khosroeva; a senior researcher at the Institute of History, National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia. Other distinguished guests included His Beatitude Mar Meelis Zaia, Metropolitan of the Holy and Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East Diocese of Australia, New Zealand & Lebanon and His Grace Archbishop Amel Shamon Nona, Bishop of the Chaldean Diocese of St Thomas the Apostle of Australia and New Zealand. In His address, His Beatitude gave a heart-felt and emotional address noting the attrocities of the past, but also bringing attention to the persecution the Assyrian Christian population is facing today in Iraq and Syria.
Assyrian Universal Alliance – Australia Chapter Deputy Secretary General, Mr Hermiz Shahen renewed calls for our parliamentarians to take this genocide issue seriously and to push for the recognition of the Assyrian, Armenian and Greek Genocides by the Ottoman Empire in the Australian Federal Parliament.
Dr. Panayiotis Diamadis, Director, of the Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies highlighted the roles of Australians in the Assyrian Genocide. He brought to light the heroic and benevolent stories of the Australian servicemen who rescued an estimated 40,000 Assyrians and Armenians in 1918.
Throughout the night a number of Local, State and Federal members of parliament paid their respects to the Martyrs of the Assyrian Nation. A focal point of all addresses were the rights of the indigenous
Assyrian people and the necessity of an autonomous Assyrian region within Iraq. The Honourable Philip Ruddock MP acknowledged the devastation facing the Assyrian Christians in his address. Ruddock made it clear that the displacement facing Christians in the Middle East was of the same magnitude suffered in the past genocide. He declared, “I don’t want to see a Middle East where Christians cannot walk where Christ walked.” Senator The Honourable Concetta Fierravanti-Wells also honored the Martyrs of the Assyrian nation with her attendance to the evening commemorations.
The evening showcased a number of performances honouring the Assyrian Martyrs. Singer, dancer, songwriter ‘Ramos’ alongside ‘Lenken Isaac’ (New Zealand Idol contestant) performed their debut single ‘100 years’; which has taken the number one spot on the iTunes Inspirational song chart over the weekend. The song was written and recorded by an all-Assyrian production team in commemoration of the Centenary of the Assyrian Genocide. Students from the St. Narsai Assyrian College, St. Hurmidz Assyrian Primary School and Assyrian Diqlat school all made several memorable contributions to the evening, leaving the legacy of the Assyrian Martyrs forever etched into the minds and hearts of all whom attended.
Commemorations concluded on Sunday the 9th of August with a wreath laying ceremony at the Assyrian Genocide Monument in Bonnyrigg. Once again hundreds gathered to lay flowers and pay their respects. Tanya Davies MP, State Member for Mulgoa attended the ceremony and paid special tribute once more to the Assyrian Martyrs. Wreaths adorned in flowers lay afoot the genocide monument, a vibrant image of colour and life, a stark contrast to the bleak death that those very Martyrs faced one-hundred years ago.
The Assyrian community has dubbed the 7th of August ‘Assyrian Martyrs Day’ and remembers the millions of Assyrians who have perished in the numerous genocides that were committed against their people.
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