“Legendary Assyrian-American Superstar Shamiram Urshan Passes Away”

“Ana lewan shaperta le khaqran b’gane, mayla mine shetranta soudroh sousanee, morounla d’qema raqda, soloh Yemeni, sheshaleh qawmoh neqda. . .” “Arabo” from Shamiram’s first self-titled album “Shamiram,” 1978 (U.S.A.).

Hours after learning of her passing, the Assyrian nation worldwide mourns the loss of its legendary female artist “Shamiram,” a.k.a. “yimma d’zamaryateh,” (mother of female singers, Assyrian).

“Brata Shaperta” ~ Born in Tehran, Iran, Shamiram was the youngest of four children of Daniel and Salatin Georgie.

“Ghazala D’Khoulmani” ~ At the age of 22, Shamiram married and settled in Seattle, where together with her husband she raised three children.

“Arabo” ~ In 1978, Shamiram recorded her first self-titled album “Shamiram,” applauded internationally and turning the once dance theatre instructor into an overnight superstar.

To date, she has recorded and released four successful albums, “Shamiram” (1978), “Dreams,” (1982) “Ashikoota” (1984), and “Feelings” (1987).

This clairvoyant artist distinguished herself apart from all other female artists through elegance and beauty, demanding audience respect and raising the bar so high that no other female artist will ever be able to fill those “Yemeni” shoes that she alone will be dancing in for decades to come.

Shamiram was confirmed to have died on Saturday, June 25, 2011 in the State of California, where she was residing in the latter years.

Funeral services are scheduled for Saturday, July 2, 2011 at Mar Yousip Assyrian Church of The East in San Jose, California at 11a.m.

All Assyrians, in particular residents of the State of California are encouraged to attend and pay their tribute.

~ Helen Talia, MBA, CPA