“Hyenas at My Father’s Doorstep”

maradona-fallen-king.jpgAt the doorstep of my father’s castle lurked hyenas, which long ago had sharpened their teeth waiting to taste the good that the master’s house was blessed with.

For years, they had anticipated the death of the aging king, until one day the waiting was over.

On a sunny June afternoon, the master was found dead by his ever-so-loving wife, who for some time had been feeding the hyenas.

Then finally, at the last hour before her husband’s body was laid to rest, she opened the gates to the hyenas and conspired to have the kingdom divided between her and among the drooling vicious animals.

Gladly, they snatched the crown (wisdom) off the king’s head, jerked his arms (talent), devoured his legs (foundation), and finally tore his heart (children) from his chest.

In seeing this, the mistress yelled, “Stop!” But the hyenas, half-laughing, ran away with the jeweled-crown, leaving her in an anguish, with her children killed, her foundation shaken, and her pride destroyed.

Sobbing, she begged God for divine intervention, when suddenly her eyes fell on the king’s wedding ring, still on his devoured finger, when at last she realized that the greatest symbol of all was the love and devotion he had once pledged to her.

~ Helen Talia, MBA, CPA
November 14, 2011

Photo “Maradona fallen king” courtesy of Bob Row