“Aqmeh D’Sheta”

toni1.jpg“Arpah aqmeh go sheta, rashme l’shekla d’khayouta, tlata yarkheh l’koul aqma, kha seqouma qa breta.”
From Assyrian-Canadian singer Tony Gabriel, in collaboration with poet/lyricist


/writer Fahed Isaac and musician Wael Keyboard comes “Aqmeh D’Sheta,” a colorful children’s video about the four seasons of the year ~ Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall (Setwa, Bet-Neesaneh, Qaeta w‘ Chereyeh, Assyrian), respectively.

Translating “seasons of the year,” Aqmeh D’Sheta is one of twenty-two children’s poems turned songs, all written in the Assyrian (neo-Assyrian) language by Fahed Isaac, also from Canada, due production in the near future in a series of releases, and in a DVD compilation at a later date.

With the assistance of Qashesha (priest, Assyrian) Ninos Ebrahim, the singer, himself a father to three girls, auditioned and trained the Sunday School children from Saint Shmooni Church, where the video was, in part, filmed at, by Ashour Marwan and Mazin Moshi, and at park settings and a theatre throughout Hamilton, Canada, is now available on YouTube.

Produced by Ashour Kings Productions, this video is a desperate response to the slaughtering and evacuation of Assyrian families in homeland Iraq, Aqmeh D’Sheta seeks to advocate the Assyrian culture in the Western societies among future generations, and is dedicated to Assyria’s children worldwide.

Coming soon, runner-up video about “colors.”

This article is a homage to John Homeh’s production of “Bibleh D’Atour.”

~ Helen Talia, MBA, CPA, Chicago
December 2010