Chaldean patriarch: reforming rites and traditions to meet to the challenges of modernity

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Card Sako joins the debate on the renewal of the Eastern Churches, some of which want to “stubbornly” hold onto the dictates of the past. It is necessary to change, whilst maintaining “originality and authenticity” and facing anew the “missionary” challenge. Persecutions have generated “closed ethnic” communities. Addressing “current” needs and problems is a must. Continue reading

Israel Shouldn’t Get Its Hopes Up about Iraq

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In 2018, multiple delegations of prominent Iraqis—including both Shiites and Sunnis—made sub-rosa visits to Israel; some Iraqi parliamentarians were apparently among them. News of the visits, which only became public a few weeks ago, sparked outrage in Iraq, and the speaker of the country’s parliament called for a formal investigation to identify and punish any officials who had contact with the Jewish state. Continue reading

Syrian Arab fighters battle Daesh for revenge

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By AFP –
A member of Syria’s Arab Shaytat tribe, who has joined a Kurdish-led alliance fighting Daesh in northern Syria, walks past the debris of a bombed vehicle in the Syrian village of Baghouz, on Sunday (AFP photo)
BAGHUZ, Syria — Near the front line in eastern Syria, Amer Khalifa plays with a sword Continue reading

“I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times and I think that he wanted Donald Trump to become president, and that’s why he’s there,” Sanders told CBN’s David Brody and Jennifer Wishon, according to a transcript of the interview provided by CBN. Continue reading